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About Store

    The online store is a platform for the sale of scale models of cars and accessories. Experience in the market of collection models in Ukraine - more than 5 years.

     Магазин официально зарегистривован, и с любой Вашей покупки официально оплачиваются налоги в счет государства._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

    Tax number will be provided upon request for verification

Payment for orders

Payment for the order can be in several ways:

   - payment to the FOP's current account

   - payment by credit card in the form of payment directly on the site through the UAPay service

   - transfer to PrivatBank card

   - transfer to MonoBank card

   - payment using the PayPal payment service




Delivery of orders

   Delivery of orders in Ukraine is carried out by companies:

   - New Mail

   - UkrPoshta

   - Mist Express

   - by courier in Kyiv (check the cost)

    Delivery by other methods is possible upon prior arrangement

   Delivery outside Ukraine is carried out by UkrPoshta and is accompanied by a tracking number to track the parcel.

Нова Пошта
Meest Пошта

Store categories

   The store has the following categories and features:


     All categories of goods are presented with the ability to sort by scale, manufacturer, brand of car and store to which the product belongs

    Goods in the section with reduced prices from the manufacturer, or the goods have any defects. What is indicated in the product description 


   Products expected to arrive in the store. You can purchase it before you receive it. As soon as the goods are in stock, they will immediately go to you *


   Items that are not planned as stock but can be ordered on request**


   Commission Department. Goods from private collections. The outer packaging may have traces of storage.


   Products that are supplements to periodicals (magazines). The availability of the magazine is indicated in the product description.


   Ability to purchase a gift certificate of various denominations

* the delivery time of the goods is preliminary discussed with the manager 

** the price and delivery time of the goods are previously discussed with the manager 

Return of goods

   Return or exchange of goods is possible within 14 days from the date of payment for the order. The product must be undamaged and in the original packaging.


Delivery of orders over 3000 thousand hryvnias in Ukraine is FREE 

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